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Lhasa Apso Grooming Techniques for Beginners

Lhasa Apso dogs have long flowing coats and this is what makes them so unique. Some people find the grooming tedious but there are standard or known ways to make this job easier.

There has to be a method of doing things right and here we will be showing you the correct Lhasa Apso grooming techniques that you will find essential in your dog grooming arsenal.

Grooming Tools

Before grooming a Lhasa Apso, you need to prepare your materials and tools. If you don’t, you will be spending more time looking for these tools than the actual length of grooming time.

We suggest that you keep all the grooming tools in a toolbox or in a single cabinet that contains all your dog stuff such as food, shampoo, clippers, etc. Below is a list of the essential things you will need for grooming:

  • Comb
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Powder
  • Clipper
  • Scissors
  • Elastic bands

Grooming Process

The first Lhasa Apso grooming technique that you need to learn is the order of the grooming as shown below:

  1. Brush
  2. Bathe
  3. Blow Dry
  4. Brush

Because Lhasa Apso dogs have a long coat, it is imperative that you brush it first before bathing it. Wetting tangled coats will make it more difficult for you to untangle it.

Use the elastic bands to secure the eyes and then blow dry the coat but make sure that the blower is at a safe distance and the heat is on low dial. Brush the coat while blow drying. As far as the frequency is concerned, brush the hair daily to maintain its shiny coat.

The next Lhasa Apso grooming technique is the method. Follow the process flow below:

  1. Ears
  2. Coat parting
  3. Feet

To clean the ears, trim the hair growing inside them and use a prescribed oil or anti-ear mite solution. Use cotton buds to clean the ears. Apply powder inside the ears and pluck the hair inside the ear.

If it is difficult to remove the hair with your fingers, use tweezers. It is imperative to let the powder dry in the ears first because this will reduce the pain when plucking the hair.

Next, you need to part the hair to get that great show dog look. Let the dog stand on a table and take position behind it. Make sure the dog is standing straight. Start at the base of the neck and use a metal comb in running the coat along the spine. The coat is expected to fall on both sides.

The line of the partition should be straight. If it isn’t, you may need to part the hair one at a time. Once the line is straight, comb the hair downwards to pull it back and position it where it belongs.

Lastly, clip the toenails. Part the toes first and put a ball of cotton between them so they do not curl back. Trim the nails with a clipper designed for dogs. Be careful when trimming because the toes have nerve endings that will bleed if you cut them.

Cut only a few millimeters. The safest thing to do is to avoid cutting the nail where it starts turning pink or red because that is where the nerve endings begin.

Now that you know the Lhasa Apso grooming techniques, it should be easier for you to groom your dog. Make sure you follow these instructions step-by-step because if you don’t, you might experience difficulties in accomplishing it.

For example, it would be very difficult to untangle mattes if the coat is wet. This is why you need to brush the coat first before bathing the dog. Happy grooming!

For further information on Lhasa Apso grooming, we suggest you check out the highly recommended Lhasa Apso eBook and audio package today!