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The Three Components of Lhasa Apso Training

Even before the training sessions with the dog, you need to establish leadership over the Lhasa Apso dog. This is primarily because this breed is somewhat similar to other toy dogs. It is very smart and it is susceptible to the toy dog syndrome.

This dog was considered divine in Tibet and this dog expects you to respect it. If there is one thing you need to know about Lhasa Apso, it is very adorable and it is one of the most beloved dogs in the world.

As you progress, you may find the Lhasa Apso training sessions very find and exciting. These sessions are activities that you and your family will look forward to.

How to Establish Authority

The first step is to consistently remind your dog that you are the alpha. It has to know that you are the boss. You can do this by eating first before feeding it.

Dogs know that the leaders of the pack get to eat first before the others. This is also how you establish your dominance over your Lhasa Apso dogs.

Next, show the dog the rules of the house. One noticeable thing about Lhasa Apso is that it is slow to housebreak compared to other dogs. However, it is also very independent and very loyal. Always make sure you go out of the door first before the dog.

In a dog’s mind, the leader of the pack always goes in and out firs. Once this is established, the dog will learn its place. The third thing you need to do to establish leadership is to schedule time for activities. The dog needs to learn that there is a time for playing, eating, walking, and eliminating.

How to Potty Train

Just like other dogs, consistency and vigilance is the key to the success of a Lhasa Apso training session. This dog is small and may be one of those that sneak in hidden places and poop. This means that you need to be extra vigilant when you are potty training this breed.

After eating and drinking, take the dog outside the house to a specific area designated for potty break. Make sure the dog is on a leash. Do not distract it and do not pet it. Let it sniff around while you are giving your command for potty.

Once it starts urinating or eliminating, keep still and just watch it. Once it is done, lavish it with praises and play with it for a while and give it a treat. This is how the dog will associate the potty session with good things.

How to Socialize

The next step to a successful Lhasa Apso training is socialization. Lhasa Apso dogs are pack animals and they need to be socialize at a tender age, preferably when they are puppies.

By nature, this breed is suspicious of strangers so introducing the dog to new people or faces will be very good. However, it is advisable to limit the number of people that it meets everyday; perhaps a couple of new faces will suffice.

The Lhasa Apso does not take kindly to people that do not treat it nicely. Although small, it will not tolerate harsh treatment and roughness. Due to this, perhaps it is not best to keep a Lhasa Apso around children who will play roughly with it.

Once you have completed these three Lhasa Paso training basics, your dog is off to a good start. Be reminded that these may look simple but these three things can take months to accomplish. You need to be extra patient since the Lhasa Apso is susceptible to getting dirty due to its long coat.

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